quality control

Since we care about the value of our services, we go deep into the smallest details to insure that our customers are producing products and services that meet or exceed customers’ expectations. We pay attention to details and systems for monitoring and assessing whether your products meet the standards you have set.


 KBD believes that building a strong, consistent and ongoing quality control system is the key for an efficient business that minimizes waste and operates at high levels of productivity.



There are many spots that can companies minimize  extra employment through atomizing these processes. Automation is always more efficient than human power, no extra salaries, no sick leaves….. We can insure production stability and expenses reduction through detecting the proper spot that we can treat.



Through our extensive experience we witnessed many cases of miss or even lack of communication. KBD can create mutual channels through reorganizing and redefining duties and responsibilities of each department. Creating communication and coordination channels among the departments have an instant impact over minimizing waste, accelerating the pace of work and Increasing productivity.




KBD, can set you out and implement tailored procedures that comply with your strategic goals. We will start by identifying your needs, then we will create an operational system that will guarantee the harmony among all working departments and it will also eliminate the red tape inside the organization, it will also eliminate the unnecessary daily practices that may cost the company a lot of efforts, time and money.




Cost control & cost reduction

KBD, have its rigid protocol for   identifying and reducing business expenses. The starting point will be the budgeting process. Through periodic reviews, data analyses, and assessment of budget and expenditure we apply Pack of corrective procedures that rectify the course of business. KBD will consolidate your purchases and negotiate better pricing, we will even get new vendors to compete for your business.    We will also provide special training for your staff to ask for and get discounts, in addition for a time management training. And cultivate fiscal discipline as a core company value.



KBD, is offering variable auditing services in all business sectors to insure that everything is working and flowing as it should. We also demonstrate innovative techniques that reduces transactions between departments. Revising and double checking all procedures and policies will accelerates the pace of work process and maintains its stability.



It is a long, complicated process that requires first of all top management decision. KBD, will develop quality management system documentation which guarantee Work processes are performed efficiently and as documented. We will also create a documented implementation plan, as well as broadcasting ISO awareness in the organization. We are also providing special training programs for all staff members that would upgrade the work’s level in order to fit into ISO standards.




KBD, is specialized in creating, adopting and measuring the optimum efficient procedures that concerns about saving time, effort and resources. This will widen your profit margin and give you solid competitive feature.
We contribute to achieve the desired goals with minimum cost and resources through matching tasks to skills, building effective vertical and horizontal communication systems, set clear and focused goals and professional training and development for the employees in order to upgrade their competences and skills.
It is all about doing things right with a minimum amount of inputs.



KBD, has innovative protocols in order to evaluate your organizational effectiveness, and measure the degree to which objectives are achieved, and the extent to which targeted problems are solved. We also assess how successfully (or not) they are in achieving their missions and advancing your visions through their core strategies.             
We are tying human resource and organizational development efforts directly to the desired business outcomes. We provide the necessary balance between efficiency and effectiveness to guarantee doing things right in a right way.



KBD, is offering an integrated system that is required to reach a defect-free product.
This system will insure delivering the right quantity in the desired quality. We make strategic studies that concern selection of location, building, land and machinery.
KBD, has long experience in building flexible, effective plans taking into account manufacturing costs, schedule, raw materials and man power.
We are in the process of reconciling input components with the organization policies and daily practices combine them to come up with a defect-free output.



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