We strongly believe that Project Management is about predicting and overcoming as many dangers and problems as possible through planning, organizing and controlling activities so that the projects are accomplished as successfully as possible in spite of all the risks.

KBD, through realistic Project Planning, ensures that proper expectations are set around what can be delivered, when, and how much.

We also negotiate reasonable and achievable deadlines and milestones via stakeholders, shareholders, and upper management.

project management

KBD, sees project management as a synchronization of scientific knowledge, managerial skills and professional experience.

We believe that Project Management is about the insurance of what is being delivered, what is right, and what will deliver real value for the business opportunity.  

Thus, we concentrate our interest in this domain by providing multiple services.



KBD sets strategic plans in order to give reasonable time frames that commensurate with the importance of each phase in addition to a chronological order for each milestone in order to guarantee an efficient and smooth transition from one phase to another.


Schedule and time management

we plan a compatible schedule for the whole  project and the overall organization’s objectives. With a due date for the project and clear criterias for the final outcome.


Resources and assets

project management is about learning from prior mistakes and it is also a cumulative experience.

KBD, will take a panoramic view, and analyze the current and future most powerful assets and resources for your company as a whole and not only for the current project.

This means taking into account all the resources, and using the organization’s assets in an efficient way that would minimize the outlay.