Human Resources

KBD considers HR as a fundamental department in all companies because it deals with its most valuable asset (the human facture).

We use human resources management to maximize the productivity of an organization by optimizing the effectiveness of its employees.

We believe that HR Management extends from managing employees to managing the employers and the whole HR department.   We manage, create, implement and supervise policies / regulations which are mandatory for every employee and also have knowledge of its appropriate functioning.


Redefining job descriptions for every working member to suit his/her expertise and abilities according to work requirements will restrict  liabilities, and enhance  productivity.



 We give high importance to the recruitment process because we know exactly what we are looking for, through clear written job descriptions that consist of a fair structural scale and tight contracts. This will insure mutual benefit for employer and employee.



It is proven that the periodic assessments for each staff member will not only measure the current productivity of an employee, it will also help us to improve his/her productivity, and reveal his/her potentials.



TRAINING & coaching

KBD believes that continuous training will raise the professionalism of the entire staff; which is why we propose collaborative and practical training in all fields and specialties. Having qualified and certified trainers can fulfill all business requirements, regardless of the nature and the commercial activity of any firm.



we allocate the required employment by setting up a well-designed organization charts that would allow an optimum number and quality of employment needed for the desired position. Through this process we are able to get rid of the excessive employment and reemploy them in places that place these employees in domains that commensurate with their qualification and experience. This will have instant impact on reducing expenses and operational costs.