We strongly believe that marketing is the core activity for all types of business. It is the process by which a product or service is introduced and promoted to potential customers, and determine a business’ profitability and success.


KBD specializes in identifying and understanding the unique goals, needs, and expectations of our customers through comprehensive field research and surveys. We then leverage this valuable insight to guide the development of products or services.

Our approach involves setting strategic and actionable plans that will effectively position the targeted product or service to meet the specific demands of the target market.

Furthermore, we aim to help your customers comprehend the distinct advantages and unique value proposition that sets your offering apart from competitors.



The objectives of marketing campaigns are to develop long lasting relationships with the audience, improve brand awareness and recognition and create loyalty and trust with both current customers and prospects.

We assess our clients marketing opportunities and choose the most convenient ones that comply for their commercial activities. Then we will set up for a tailored promotion mix strategy that develops and delivers its desired promotional message. We will also set and develop reasonable promotion budgets that align with the type of business and the Solvency of the client.



KBD, Organizes conferences, seminars, charity parties and exhibitions we can also help you to reserve stands in a desired exhibition and many other types of public relations both in terms of customers, suppliers and towards the community as well. We also create, monitor and develop digital and audiovisual communication channels that will facilitate our client’s access to  audience and marketplace.


KBD, will identify our customer needs, and accordingly will develop the most appropriate marketing method that complies with the strategic objectives of the client. We use innovative techniques in many digital channels like: Social Media, Content Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), and Pay-Per-Click. In order to make sure that we are reaching our targeted customer.


Our mission is to make your product, service or political and social campaign known to an audience or a marketplace. We set and implement strategic marketing plans that complies with the general objectives using the marketing information data and research results collected by marketing surveys and come up with an effective advertising campaign that fulfill our client’s needs.


Our branding strategy is about creating a unique commercial name and identity for our clients. And increase the value of their business. Which will allow them to acquire new customers.

KBD, will guide you to Create brand awareness, and give you a competitive advantage about being a market leader. Which will enable you to introduce new products easily under your commercial name, and create customer loyalty.



KBD, is offering quantitative and qualitative competitors comprehensive analysis. These analyses includes an assessment of  strengths and weaknesses of current and potential competitors. It provides also both offensive and defensive strategic context to identify opportunities and threats.

We are offering as well, accurate field researches for organization’s images, current products assessment, testing new products and targeting customers based on gender, age, purchasing power and on demographic bases in order to facilitate customer access and ensure business continuity.



We price products/services based on comprehensive advanced studies and analysis. These studies should take into account the input cost, market share, market flexibility and durability, products value, customers willingness to pay, product/service need, competitors, profit margin and purchasing power.

Based on these studies and analysis, KBD will adopt the most efficient strategies and tactics and apply them to come up with practical pricing system that comply to our customer’s needs in order to orient them to the most profitable markets and segments, and to correct the deviation in their production strategies.

Points of sales

We guide our clients to expand their prevalence by creating visual identities that is based on satisfying their current customers and create brand loyalty. And attract new customers through selecting the optimum displaying method, geographic location and distribution channels. We also train and qualify the operating staff of these points.



KBD, is giving the opportunity to take advantage of its strategic partnerships with global and domestic network of transport and distribution companies. We provide distribution services to our customers in order to ensure a wider, and faster coverage.



After conducting a comprehensive study on the new market to be entered.
KBD, can determine the degree of risk, the control and commitment of resources required, and the promising return on investment. 
Then we chose the most convenient way to enter this new market by adopting one of the following ways: direct exporting, licensing, franchising, partnering, acquisition, joint ventures, piggybacking, turnkey Projects.
We use creative and mixed techniques to come up with the most efficient formula that complies with our client’s needs such as price adjustments, increased promotion, more distribution channels, product improvements, and market development.


KBD, will be your strategic choice to exit this business or market. We will help you to overcome the exit obstacles through setting up a contingency plan that is executed to liquidate or reduce your position in a financial asset or dispose of tangible business assets. We will take care of all the administrative and legal consequences by dissolving your partnership formally and legally, notifying creditors your business is ending and make conciliations that contains rescheduling the financial obligations.  


We conduct market studies at the request of our client in accordance with our clients business activity, taking into consideration issues that have an impact on the functioning of the market for consumers such as market size, trends, personal  preferences, quality, safety, health, sustainability, prices and information, as well as consumer understanding, behavior and buying decision making. These studies will allow us to define requirements; preparing budgets; choosing procurement method; planning and scheduling the procurement of goods / services; evaluation of bids and proposals.