KBD, is providing periodic maintenance and follow-up contracts. Our level of professionalism and commitment in repairing, maintaining and following up your working software, hardware, spare parts and accessories will guarantee your business continuity and maintain productivity in addition to protecting your professional data.

Technology is no longer a luxury in the business world. On the contrary it became a necessity in order to Speed up workflows, protect company and customers data, facilitate tasks and reduce waste of time and resources. With all these benefits comes the difficulty of dealing with this technology and its machinery. Starting from choosing and supplying the required devices that would comply to your business needs, with a strategic perspective which allows to keep pace with business development. And ending by efficient maintenance and surveillance for this technology, which will ensure the continuity of maintaining its secure level of performance. KBD, is providing multiple services in this domain through a group of the best engineers, experts and suppliers in technology sector. We are providing digital services for ministries, institutions, organizations, universities, factories, companies, commercial Offices …… SOFTWARE & HARDWARE.


KBD, is providing networking services through typical technical studies that meets all expectations and needs of work. We are using latest technologies and equipment by qualified and certified experts in this domain. We are create and extend several types of networks such as:

  • Personal Area Network (PAN)
  • Local Area Network (LAN)
  • Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN)
  • Campus Area Network (CAN)
  • Metropolitan Area Network (MAN)
  • Wide Area Network (WAN)
  • Storage-Area Network (SAN)



KBD, is providing accurate studies that match your business criteria to preserve the security of the organization and the confidentiality of its data, by installing surveillance systems and monitoring programs that allow the preservation and recording of all activities with high professionalism and skilled expertise.


KBD, prepare conceptual studies taking into account our clients work size and requirements. Then we accordingly create customized, high quality servers that fulfill their needs. These servers should be scalable in line with future business developments and needs. We also provide periodic maintenance and follow-up contracts that will insure the continuity and quality of work.


The urge to preserve the privacy of the organization and its clients is reflected in effective systems that ensure its safety and confidentiality. KBD, is offering standard and special systems that will guarantee the privacy of all data, transactions and customers. And prevent them from leaking to competitors. Which expose the company to uncover its sources and competitive advantages.


KBD, Has specialized experts in computer and its accessories repair. We provide high quality spare parts for desk tops, lap tops, printers, faxes, scanners, projectors … We manage, treat, recover and restore all missing data through installing the most secure and effective software enforced with the latest technologies equipment. We offer this service either through personal visits or on line conferences.

Telephone exchanges

After knowing the customer’s needs and expectations, KBD, will choose the most appropriate telephone exchanges that will comply with all business needs. Then we connect and define the exchange to all other devices and accessories.
We also provide periodic maintenance and follow-up contracts that will insure the continuity and quality of work.

Supplying hardware and accessories

KBD, fulfill its customers’ needs of computers, spare parts and accessories through an efficient network of the reliable suppliers and dealers for all major brands, with high quality products and competitive prices.

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